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Through the years, Jamey has asked only three things of the churches
that have asked him to perform:
  1. Do your best to support him financially while he is a visitor at your church,
  2. Let him have his recorded music available for those who wish to purchase it,
(Jamey will not set up his sales display in churches where it is not permitted)
  3. Give him enough time to convey the heart of his ministry.

Q: What does Jamey charge for his performances?
Jamey is available on a free will offering basis. In this way, even very small congregations can afford to have him perform. If you are in a position to add an additional amount to the offering or to pay a prearranged amount and would like to know Jamey's exact financial needs and requirements, please contact the office.
     Jamey would like for the offering to be received by passing the plate at a specific point during his concert segment of the program. Due to the expense of fuel, meals and other expenses most people understand the importance of actually passing the plate. Setting a plate at the back of the sanctuary for a retiring offering has been proven through the years to yield smaller returns. However, Jamey wants you to do what is most comfortable for you and your congregation. Jamey needs you to do the best by him financially that you can, but does not have an expectation of any certain amount. Please remember that offerings and CD sales are Jamey's main source of income. Please make whatever arrangements are necessary in advance to have the actual offering or a check available prior to Jamey’s departure. This will help in the deposit of any necessary funds to cover upcoming expenses for the following week. Your cooperation will help this ministry to continue on a sound financial footing. 

Q: My church is very small in number, is Jamey sure he wants to perform here?
     Some Pastors have expressed concern over the small size of their church. There is no church too small for Jamey to fit into his schedule. He has performed for less than a dozen people on many occasions. Some churches feel led to add an additional amount to the offering and this is greatly appreciated, but not a requirement. Jamey will still perform at your small church.
     In certain cases where an offering simply cannot be taken such as banquets, festivals, etc., and you would like to pay a fixed amount please contact the office. Jamey works with Churches and other organizations to agree on a prearranged amount that is within their financial and budget constraints.

Q: I have a charge of two or more churches. Can Jamey perform at all of them on the same morning?
Many dual charge and even triple charge churches have been able to rely upon Jamey's program as a good fill-in when the Pastor is gone or just as a nice change of pace. Jamey has performed in many multi-church charges. If the service start times are set far enough apart and the churches are not too far apart in actual driving time, Jamey is able to do this and has done so many times. There may have to be some slight changes in your Sunday Morning program to allow adequate time for Jamey's presentation. Contact the office for details.

Q: What is the amount of time that Jamey needs for his performance?
Jamey requires a 30 to 35 minute block of time on Sunday mornings and 45 minutes or so during an evening performance. This needs to be a solid block of time, not smaller individual segments. His program works into a one hour church service very nicely.

Q: Should I be concerned about doctrinal or denominational issues during Jamey's presentation?
No. Jamey's ministry is a non-denominational, or interdenominational ministry. He has performed in nearly every mainline denomination and for many independent and non-denominational churches. It is his endeavor to minister without sparing the Word of God, delivering an uplifting message in song, and yet not offending anyone. This is only accomplished by the leading of the Holy Spirit. Jamey wants to be invited back to your church or organization.
Q: I don't know Jamey. Can he provide references?
Yes, please contact us and he will be happy to supply as many references as you would request. Please let us know what church denomination you are affiliated with, or if you are an independent or unaffiliated church or congregation, let Jamey know whom you would consider as a good reference for you.

Q: May I receive a demo? Does he have promotional materials?
To save on mailing expenses, if it is possible, please use this website as your source for ministry consideration. A downloadable demo is available on the Music Page. However if it is necessary, a complete demo packet will be mailed to the address you provide. It is preferred that demos be mailed only to a Pastor, Music Minister, Chairperson or someone who would be a key individual in scheduling a concert due to the expense of the materials and postage. A complete Promo Packet will be mailed to you approximately 4 weeks prior to the event which will include a few posters, photos, news release and  other miscellaneous items. You may always contact Jamey for more items if needed.

Q: I have a particular date that I would like to schedule, but your calendar shows it filled.
The calendar on our website or the one that may have been mailed to you has a tendency to change for various reasons. Please contact the office if you have a date in mind, it may be that it has come open or Jamey's schedule could be shifted around to accommodate your event.

Q: About sales in the church & does Jamey need someone to help him with his CD display?
Many times this can be very helpful as it allows Jamey to visit with others after his performance. If you have a responsible individual who would like to volunteer for this service, that would be great. Jamey will set up a small display of his recordings in the foyer of the church or other readily accessible area to make his CDs available for those who wish to purchase them after the concert. If you have a preference for not selling inside the church, please inform Jamey of this at the time of the booking. It is an integral part of the overall financial well being of Jamey's family and the ministry, therefore if there is a place within the church where sales would be permitted, it would be appreciated. Jamey will NOT set up his display if asked not to. Where permitted, If you can provide a small table for Jamey's CD display in the foyer or someplace readily accessible after the concert, it would be helpful.

Q: How much space is needed on the platform and do I need to move anything?
Please make space on the platform for Jamey’s sound equipment. The podium may be removed, but it is not usually necessary. If you have any questions, please contact the office. In most cases, nothing will need to be moved. If you can provide a small table for Jamey's CD display in the foyer or someplace readily accessible after the concert it would be helpful.

Q: What is Jamey's cancellation policy?
Please carefully reconsider the canceling or rescheduling of any performance that has been confirmed beforehand. If in the event of an unforeseen circumstance, where you find that you must reschedule or cancel a program, please contact the office immediately. Advance notice of 6 weeks or more is usually needed to rebook another program that will fill your scheduled slot. Remember that this is Jamey’s main source of income and a loss of a booking means a loss of income to Jamey and his family. Jamey does not charge a cancellation fee, but if you are able to contribute an amount upon cancellation, in lieu of a performance, it can most definitely be used and would be greatly appreciated. Some things just cannot be avoided and Jamey understands this completely.

If you have any other questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns, please feel free to contact Jamey. There is no question too great or too small. Please feel free to contact Jamey with your prayer requests as well. God is working on behalf of His people.
The following information should be helpful regarding any questions or requirements prior to Jamey’s appearance.
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