Our audio restoration brings back the good sound that the album had originally.

We can create pristine audio files from old vinyl recordings. We can remove the pops and clicks from most files fairly easily.

Currently, songs can be transferred from:

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Music For Your Ears
providing what you need
Album Cover and Photo Restoration
1. Transfer 10 songs to Compact Disc $20.00 minimum charge. Additional songs $2.00 each

2. Standard Audio Filtering for 10 songs (if needed) $10.00 minimum charge. This includes Noise Reduction/Pop-Click removal. This will eliminate most pops and clicks from most old vinyl recordings.**

3. Scan both Album Cover and Back Liner into computer and resize for CD Layout. $10.00 each minimum charge.+
Note: Some printing and pictures become too small when reduced down to CD cover  or backliner size and the overall layout has to be reconfigured to see or read it. This depends on the design you want and might require additional Design Work. Basic Reformatting Charge is $10.00 each for Cover or Backliner. You will be advised if this is required prior to work being done.+

Repair of damaged Album Cover or Backliner is $20.00 per hour+

Finished CDs are Color Laser printing on heavy stock with Color Laser Printed adhesive CD Label, in standard jewel case with black tray. CDs will be shrink wrapped and ready for retail sale.  For Compact Disc pricing see the Duplication Page.

**Additional audio work: $20.00/hour
+Additional Design work / $20.00 per hour

*Pricing on this site may fluctuate slightly, but we keep it pretty accurate. Contacting  us to confirm pricing and any special design requests is a good rule of thumb.

You will be supplied an exact quote on your job prior to any work being done, so you'll know exactly how much it is going to cost.
Note: We will not duplicate any recordings for which you do not own the copyright.
This works
great for that
old album you
recorded way
back in '65 that
you wish you
could still
sell today.

Or maybe, like my
family, there is an old
recording of something
from years ago that you
would like to have made into a compact disc for family members.

As for the cover, it can be restored and made to look like the original, or we can update the cover with a new design that you specify. We can design something from scratch that we come up with ourselves, too.

We can restore old photographs as well.
Some things just can't be replaced. But thanks to digital technology, they can be restored.

We can repair many photographs that are badly damaged, even replacing missing portions of the original. Photos can be retouched and enlarged from small wallet sizes to larger sizes to fit into standard frames.

Basic repair work is charged at a $10.00 minimum and/or $20.00 per hour, but we can quote specifically what it will cost to replace your family keepsakes.
From Ruined to Restored
Payment is required in advance by Check or Money Order only. For Credit Card Orders, please contact the office for details.
*Prices do not include shipping charges. All items ship postage paid within the continental U.S.A via United States Postal Service.
All original materials will be returned to you with your completed order.
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33-1/3 rpm Vinyl LP Album
45 rpm Vinyl Single
Audio Cassette Tape
8 Track Tape Cartridge
Compact Disc
These must be in playable condition in order to transfer the audio to our computer. If your compact disc, record, or tape isn't playable, we can't use it.

All items that are sent to us will be returned to you on completion of the project when your products are sent to you.
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Audio and Photo Restoration
LP Vinyl Record
45rpm single
Cassette Audio Tape
8 Track Tape Cartridge

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