Population Zero / Things Missing
Denisons / Timeless
Jordan Bridger / Hitting Too Close To Home
Kelly Denison_Just A Stone
Arliss Whitting / ARLISS
Nells Hanson / Voyager
Bryan Dern /More Ways Than One
Tate Bucklin / Waiting On A Train
Pattern 3 / Bloodlines
Katey O'Brien / Song O'Morrow
Denisons / Journey On
Clay Hudson_Texas Denim Blues
FranCisco 5 / These Blues Won't Fade
Blanch Hilltson and High Lonesome_Paper Sky
Eric Stiles / Right Where You Belong
Chris Cayton Mull / Architextures
Jody Miller / Greatest Hits
Cal Denison_GuitarMan Volume 2
Kyle Gillen / Rough Around The Edges
Jeren Lake_JAZZ
The Denisons_Right On Time
Trevor Daylon / Out On A Limb
Hall-Denison_Decade Of Songs
Joesf Glaude_Perfect World
The Helmsmen_Here They Come
Hildred Hall_Olde Tyme Piano Favorites (600x600)
Hildred Hall_Olde Tyme Piano Favorites_Trayliner (760x600)
The Mountain Valley Boys_Morningview
Jamey Denison Demonstration Disc
The Denisons_The Lighthouse
Marita Tabor_The Revolution
Jon Denison_God Is So Big
Butler Brothers_Not Ashamed
Best Of Jamey Denison Volume One
Gleaners Classics
Gleaners Classics Alternate Design
The Gleaners_Mighty Fine
Hall_Denison_Song_Demos_Volume_One (1209 x 600)
Jamey Denison_Twenty-Four/Seven
Jamey Denison_Twenty-Four/Seven_Backliner
Jamey Denison_Twenty-Four/Seven_Inside Cover
Jamey Denison_The Journey Home
Jamey Denison_Momentum
The Early Masters (Mockup)
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Welcome to the world of Provision. Within these pages you will find the source for the services you need to envision, design, and produce a retail ready compact disc project that you will be proud of.

We offer solutions that you just can't find anywhere else for such affordable pricing. Pricing is shown on the respective pages.

We can design a complete CD layout from  your supplied photo(s) and sketches or we can come up with something from scratch. Our standard graphic design fee is only $40.00, that's chicken feed compared to what others charge. If you want to get a large quantity of discs made but don't want to pay $250.00 dollars or more for someone else to do your design work, contact Provision and we can design something you'll like for a lot less. You can still utilize their services for the duplication and packaging if you like.

By specializing in short runs, we cater to the smaller projects and can devote more time and attention to getting the details just right. And if you don't move a lot of product, you don't have 1,000 discs sitting on the shelf waiting to be sold.

We can transfer your old Long Play albums or 45rpm records, 8-Track tape cartridges and Audio Cassettes to digital files, mp3, WMA, and a host of other formats. We can design, duplicate, and produce high quality Compact Discs from your old outdated looking projects to make them look brand new. And we do it at a price that will please your budget.

We offer songwriting services which include helping you complete the lyrics or providing a melody to your composition, recording a custom track you can sing along with, or making a quality demo. Whether you want a simple guitar or piano demo (our prices start at a simple $50.00 per song) or a more elaborate arrangement and fully produced recording, we can provide it.

When it comes right down to it, Provision is what we do.

Provision is what you need.

We'll provide what you need at a price you can afford, so stop thinking about it and contact Provision Services.

Free estimates...

Quality Work...

No Job too small...

Low prices...

What else do you need?

Let us design something for you.

Note: We will not duplicate any recordings for which you do not own the copyright.
Welcome to Provision Services
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Home |  CD Duplication |  Graphic Design  |  Audio and Photo Restoration  | Songwriter Services |  Contact
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